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The Hard Unsolved Problems in HTM Theory youtube video screenshot
Video: The Hard Unsolved Problems in HTM Theory (1:00:00)

To help you learn about our theory and technology, we have created a number of videos, podcasts and educational resources. They are designed for anyone who wants to learn more about our cortical theory and HTM technology.

  • VideosFrom keynote presentations to invited talks to cortical animations, view our library of videos to see our research developments firsthand.
  • Numenta On Intelligence PodcastOur monthly podcast is about intelligence – how it works in the brain, what the key principles are, and how understanding those principles may be the fastest path to machine intelligence.
  • Other PodcastsOccasionally, our CEO Donna Dubinsky and Co-Founder Jeff Hawkins appear as guests on other podcasts.
  • HTM SchoolThis YouTube series is designed to educate the general public about Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). Each 10-15 minute episode dives into a particular topic.
  • Open Source CommunityIf you’re interested in discussing our theories, or developing and implementing our technology, join our growing community of brain theory enthusiasts.
  • Biological and Machine Intelligence (BAMI)This living book (Biological And Machine Intelligence) documents our framework for both biological and machine intelligence.
  • On IntelligenceRead the book where Jeff first shared many of the core concepts of our theories. Intended for a lay scientific audience, On Intelligence provides a nice introduction to anyone interested in understanding how the human brain works and what intelligence is.