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Year in Review for Numenta 2015

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO
Year in Review for Numenta 2015

Numenta Newsletter — January 07, 2016

As we look forward to a bright 2016 here at Numenta, I thought I’d pause and review the highlights of 2015. From advancing our research to expanding our community, we had many accomplishments that laid the groundwork for significant progress going forward. I’d like to share four highlights:

Highlight #1

In 2015, we signed up two key strategic partners: and Avik Partners. In May, we announced our partnership, which focuses on advancing natural language processing (NLP). We believe that the combination of our HTM technology and Cortical’s Semantic Folding technology provides new possibilities to understanding text. Co-founder Francisco Webber has been a long-time supporter of Numenta. We look forward to continued collaboration with him and his team.

In August, we announced our partnership with Avik Partners, an IT services and advanced analytics startup to whom we transferred our Grok application. In a short time, Avik CEO Casey Kindiger launched a commercial application to use Grok to monitor IT infrastructure. This partnership is a great example of our “technology transfer” business model where other companies complete and commercialize our example applications.

We can’t wait to see exciting results from and Avik Partners, and I hope to share news of additional partnerships with you in the coming year.

Highlight #2

We also released the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark (NAB), which was two years in the making. We believe NAB offers the definitive way to assess the performance of algorithms for detecting anomalies in streaming data. We presented NAB v1.0 at two conferences and continue to get positive feedback supporting the need for this benchmark. The launch was just the beginning for NAB. We are actively working to collect additional data sources and publish additional algorithm results to incorporate in the next version. Stay tuned for details on a NAB competition we are running this year in conjunction with the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence.

Highlight #3

This year also was a great year for our growing NuPIC community, which received a Top 3 ranking in a KDNuggets report on the Top 20 Python Machine Learning Open Source Projects. We increased the number of NuPIC followers by 750, put more of our technology into open source, and had two hackathons that demonstrated the broad applicability of HTM applications. I encourage you to view the videos from our most recent hackathon.

Highlight #4

Perhaps one of the most exciting achievements of 2015 was the progress toward a goal that we set at the beginning of the year: to publish major papers about our work. We have several papers undergoing peer review, which we’ve made available pre-publication on arxiv, an academic archive. I hope to be sharing news of publication over the coming months, but in the meantime, you can find all our papers here:

As we kick off 2016, I am excited for what’s in store. We are working to make Numenta technology even more accessible. We have several events and publications planned. And we will remain dedicated to driving the creation of machine intelligence through neocortical principles.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO