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June 2015 Newsletter: Numenta Releasing Two Complete HTM Products into Open Source

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO
June 2015 Newsletter: Numenta Releasing Two Complete HTM Products into Open Source

Numenta Newsletter

June 09, 2015

Dear Numenta newsletter subscriber:

I’m writing to update you on exciting news for our open source project, NuPIC.

In order to encourage our developers and to facilitate the creation of applications, we have decided to release substantially more of our technology into open source. To that end, we just added to the code base two complete products: Grok for IT Analytics and HTM for Stocks (an example application that will be made available to end users shortly). The released code for these products includes the HTM Engine as well as two different Android applications. The HTM Engine runs multiple anomaly models in an easy, scalable way, allowing a single server to manage and run thousands of HTM models. The Android applications act as a client to the HTM engine, pulling in the data to display it in a human-understandable format. We are developing tutorials that will help developers come up to speed on this new technology.

This source code has been open-sourced under the AGPLv3.0 license*. You can find all the code on GitHub.

We hope that developers will find this source code beneficial as example applications of NuPIC. If you are interested in creating a commercial application using this code, you may do so in accordance with the terms of the AGPLv3*, or may write us to request a separate, commercial license if you prefer different terms. Commercial licenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. For more information on our open source licensing, see: License, Patent Position, Commercial Licenses.

We invite you to join our growing open source community.

*This content has been updated to reflect our new AGPL license.

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO