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Numenta Newsletter April 2015

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO
Numenta Newsletter April 2015

Numenta Newsletter

April 29, 2015

Dear Numenta newsletter subscriber:

I have a lot of exciting news to share. Rather than making the newsletter overly long, I’ve provided links to get more information on any of these topics.

We’re pleased to let you know about the establishment of a Cortical Learning Center at IBM, which is actively experimenting with Numenta’s technology. You can view what Winfried Wilcke, a senior IBM researcher, has to say about his work.

In the publications arena, we have posted an important paper on the mathematical properties of sparse distributed representations. You can read it here.

We also have a hackathon coming up. For the first time, we are coming to the east coast for this hackathon: May 30-31 in New York City. Many of our Numenta engineers will be attending, as well as Jeff Hawkins and Subutai Ahmad.
There are still spaces left!

We have another project brewing called the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark. We have found it difficult to benchmark our algorithms given how few benchmarks exist with streaming data. Consequently we have decided to create an open source benchmark ourselves in the hope that it becomes an industry standard for real-time anomaly detection. If you are interested in this project and, specifically, if you have some streaming data sets that you can share, please contact us at We plan to have the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark available around the end of the summer.

We’ve had a lot of positive reactions to Jeff’s article on the reality of AI dangers, so be sure to view some of the commentary:

Lastly, we have an opening in marketing at Numenta. If HTM and machine intelligence is a passion of yours, and you have a strong marketing communications background, please consider applying for our position.

We are excited about the momentum growing behind HTM technology and hope you’ll have a chance to review some of these developments.

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO