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Grok at AWS re:Invent

Jeff HawkinsJeff HawkinsFounder
Grok at AWS re:Invent

NOTE: Numenta has announced a strategic partnership with Avik Partners, please read more about the future of Grok for IT Analytics.

As we wrote to you in October, we have developed an exciting product based on our Cortical Learning Algorithms (CLA). The product, called Grok, is targeted towards Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. We will be showing it publicly for the first time at the Amazon re:Invent Conference next week in Las Vegas.

This may be of interest to you for two reasons.

  • This is the first commercial application of the cortical learning models we have developed over the past few years. It is a landmark event for us and a step on the path towards machine intelligence.

  • Some of you have expressed interest in using Grok. If you are attending re:Invent, we hope you will come by booth #1200, say hello, and see how we applied advanced cortical modeling to transform anomaly detection in computer servers.

Because of the capabilities of the CLA, Grok automates the process of modeling normal behavior and identifying unusual behavior in Amazon instances. The patterns found by Grok go well beyond those found by static or dynamic thresholds. In addition, Grok provides a mobile client that enables a unique ability to monitor the health of your network anytime, anywhere. It is a remarkable product and the first showcase for the CLA.

We continue to recruit participants in our private beta program as well, so let us know at if you are interested in using Grok.

Finally, last weekend in San Francisco we held our second NuPIC Hackathon for the open source community built around the CLA. It was a great success. Two big themes at this event were to apply the CLA to robotics and natural language processing. Matt Taylor, the NuPIC community flag-bearer, put together this summary.

We hope to see some of you at re:Invent, and look forward to getting your feedback on Grok. We are excited about approaching the first commercial release of a product that is based on the CLA.

Jeff HawkinsJeff HawkinsFounder