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Flyover Labs Podcast Interview

Celeste BaranskiCeleste BaranskiVP Engineering
Flyover Labs Podcast Interview
WhenTue, Sep 27, 2016
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TopicFlyover Labs Podcast Interview with Celeste Baranski, VP of Engineering at Numenta
InterviewCeleste Baranski

About Podcast

This is a great interview with Celeste Baranski. Celeste is the Vice President of Engineering at Numenta. Numenta is a small company with an interesting dual mission: to reverse engineer the neocortex, and then apply these neocortical principles to create intelligent machines. Numenta does basic neuroscience research and technology development, all of which is available in the opensource.

Celeste has a varied engineering background, from managing large teams to helping startups innovate as a designer.

We talk about what Numenta is working on, how Numenta is structured and Celeste’s role. Here are some other things we talk about:

  • How does Numenta develop its technology?
  • What kinds of things can Numenta’s technology do today?
  • In 5 years what type of problems could Numenta be solving?
Celeste BaranskiCeleste BaranskiVP Engineering