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Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO
Progress at Numenta

NOTE: Numenta has announced a strategic partnership with Avik Partners, please read more about the future of Grok for IT Analytics.

You will notice some substantial changes in our web site this week. I’d like to take a moment to explain what’s going on. Late last year we shipped our first product, Grok for IT Analytics on AWS. Since then, we’ve released several enhancements for the product, including the recent version 1.5 with a new web charting feature.

Some customers using our product have told us that they have found problems in their AWS environments that other methods haven’t caught, while others have found problems hours earlier than they would have otherwise. These results have demonstrated that our HTM (Hierarchical Temporal Memory) learning algorithms are performing as we had hoped. We are automatically learning the patterns in the streaming data of each individual server, and then finding when the input differs from that expected, thus detecting an anomaly. Other customers are also using Grok to analyze non-IT data using our custom metrics feature - with interesting results. We encourage you to explore this option and would love to hear about your results.

While we will continue to evolve the Grok for IT Analytics product, we are equally excited about myriad opportunities to apply this technology to other domains. As a result, over the past few months we have turned our attention towards creating demonstration applications that show how to potentially apply our HTM technology to a variety of other problems.

We have restructured our web site to better communicate the breadth of our technology. Detailed information on Grok for IT Analytics is still available, but now if you come to visit Numenta, you first will see information on Numenta technology, before diving deeper to learn more about Grok and other applications.

As part of the evolution of our web site, we have created some new material that we hope you will read:

These whitepapers show how the same core technology that finds anomalies in Grok for IT also finds anomalies in other, very different, streams of data. In each case, our HTM learning algorithms are automatically modelling different types of streaming data, learning the patterns, predicting what should come next, and then highlighting inputs that differ from those predicted. In other words, our algorithms are doing what your brain does, day in and day out.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new look and refreshed content and look forward to your feedback.

Donna DubinskyDonna DubinskyCEO